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Dept: Chemistry
Chemistry Building- Opposite the Common Room

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Interested in finding solutions to environment problems associated with the levels and fate of toxic substances such as heavy/trace metals, persistent...~more

My Valentine


From that first day when we met

I couldn’t forget that broad smile

And that firm handshake

And finger flip, which followed

I knew that somehow……….you may be my valentine


The next time we met, you were so jittery and hyper

When you attempted that awkward hug

And asked me where I was off to though you had asked that earlier

And followed it up with a silly grin

I had no doubt that……….you could be my valentine


Then you asked me out for launch

And you showed up with a swag

You complimented my looks

And was whao ‘ed by my every expression

You assured would be my valentine


You make me dream dreams

You make me wake up with a smile

You give me breakfast in bed

You make my every wish your command

You make me wonna……….be your valentine


You put me on a pedestal so high

You tell your friends how proud you are of me

You surprise me with those brief work visits

You assure me of how much you care

Every day is a confirmation that……….I should be your valentine


You shower me with perks at every opportunity

You whisper sweet nothings in my ear

My mind drifts into daydream of your attention

With you every day is a feast

And I can’t wait……….to be your valentine


You send me flowers on our anniversary

Attached to it is a card for dinner

You order icing cake with cherries on top

Beneath the cherries is a ring

You go on one knee murmuring and mumbling

All I could hear is..........please be my valentine


You send me into a quick trance

In it I get a flash back

Memories full of laughter and joy

Which sends tears running down my cheeks

I am speechless and cannot find the words

But soon the words will pop out of my tongue-tied mouth

Yes I will , I certainly……….will be your valentine


Then hand in hand we make life’s journey

You lift me up when I fall; I lent a crying shoulder when you are down

We help each other accomplish their dreams

Together we build new dreams

Till the final call is up, when we part to eternity

You will forever ……be my valentine


Composed BY: Marian Asantewah Nkansah (MAN) Feb’16 happy valentines day to you all

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