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Dept: Chemistry
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Kumasi, Ghana

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Bio-organic Chemistry where research interest is at the intersection of chemistry with biology....~more

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The Freshers Are Here

Aug. 03 2020 | Tags: Freshers, enthusiasm, academic
As I saw the Freshers going through the annual orientation rituals, I resisted the urge to resort to the familiar negativity I have come to attach to ...

Just One Mark Sir

Aug. 03 2020 | Tags: Marks, Thirty-nine, Pass, fail
Hers was a rather feeble knock on my door but it triggered my usual response. “Come on in.” I belted across the room. She entered the off...

Please, Sir! I Beg Ooh, Don’t Teach Me New Things

Aug. 03 2020 | Tags: new, enthusiasm, teach
Students’ success in academic and career pursuits hinges on academic preparedness provided by lecturers within the constantly changing terrain o...

Ode To the Chemistry Professor

Aug. 04 2020 | Tags: Promotion, students
ODE TO THE PROFESSORS IN CHEMISTRY   Of teaching and research excellence, obvious evidentiary testimony But you also scaled the nebulous service ...

In Memorium-Soa; A Dirge

Aug. 04 2020 | Tags: Death, Life, Organic Chemistry
A life of service steeped in controversy After more than 30 years of loyal and meritorious service marked by many public dissensions with university a...

Abuse of Broken English

Aug. 04 2020 | Tags: Abuse, Broken English, expression
Escalating Use of Broken English in Academic Institutions in Ghana The broad encompassing term ‘Broken English’ is used to refer to the co...

Requiem For Mr Francis Martin

Aug. 04 2020 | Tags: Death, Life, Funeral
Requiem for Mr Francis Martin Martin’s death reminded me of my own mortality and had me asking lots of unanswered questions: At what age will I ...

Students’ Message in Their Unrest Was “be Afraid.”

Aug. 07 2020 | Tags: demonstration, unrest, fear
KNUST drew the world’s attention on October 22nd 2018 for the wrong reasons when thousands of angry students, presumably, fed up with the admini...

Dear Rad

Aug. 14 2020 | Tags: women, female, gender, equity
Dear Prof. (Mrs) Rita Akosua Dickson (RAD): It’s neither disrespect nor impertinence. Neither is it impudence nor insolence that precipitated my...

What Will You Do When You Grow Up

Aug. 20 2020 | Tags: career, choice, job, religion
It’s become my annual ritual to use this question as the first statement to my first year Chemistry students in my very first class with them: &...

Let's Synthesize Our Drugs

Aug. 27 2020 | Tags: Synthesis, Drug, Bioactive, Ingredient
Every year, in the early portions of my fourth year medicinal chemistry class, I have had to correct a popular misconception that has gained traction ...

Big Science 1/2

Sep. 03 2020 | Tags: Team Science, Bioscience, Health
None of the proposals in this piece is an original thought of mine. This specific blog is simply a summary of prevailing thoughts in the extant litera...

Big Science 2/2

Sep. 03 2020 | Tags: Team Science, Bioscience, Health
What am I raving at? In KNUST’s drive to be a research-intensive institution, its sure bet is to dive head first into biomedical “Big Data...


Sep. 10 2020 | Tags: Transaction, sex, money
Although “gym life” is a microcosm of life in general, it is nevertheless one that is constrained by a restricted milieu and populated by ...

Musings On Academic Influence

Sep. 17 2020 | Tags: Mentor, student, academic, grade
During times that I had exited the lecture halls after a particularly stressful session where students’ attention was fleeting and where their b...

The Long Walk Home

Sep. 24 2020 | Tags: Jobs, interview, walk, shoes
The graduation ceremony was unusually raucous as the VC regaled the congregants with amusing stories of his student’s days that had all attendee...

Herbal Medicine 1/4

Oct. 01 2020 | Tags: Herbaal medicine, Survey
  Use of surveys to explore Ghana’s HM landscape Urban Ghana has experienced recent transformative changes in Herbal Medicine (HM) availabi...

Herbal Medicine 2/4

Oct. 01 2020 | Tags: Herbal medicine, Regulation, Policy
HM regulation and the Food and Drug Board (FDB) Earlier blog has highlighted the contemporary HM’s cultural break with the past and has discusse...

Herbal Medicine 3/4

Oct. 01 2020 | Tags: Herbal Medicine, Science, Research
Few Facets of HM Science Contemporary HM’s ascent in public healthcare is extraordinary for its breadth and intensity, especially in the area of...

Herbal Medicine 4/4

Oct. 01 2020 | Tags: Herbal Medicine, Conclusion, Research
Concluding Thoughts A re-cap of issues raised in 1 through 3. ********** Substantial transformations in HM presentation in urban Ghana have occurred i...


Oct. 08 2020 | Tags: Christian, loan, seminary
What does a man do when the borders of the determinants of his future life outcome are so diffuse that a pragmatic choice between his available altern...

Herbal Medicine Revisited 1/4

Oct. 15 2020 | Tags: Herbaal medicine, Survey
HM refers to the non-allopathic use of crude extracts of medicinal plants formulated as teas, powders, creams, tinctures and poultices. Probably no he...

Herbal Medicine Revisited 2/4

Oct. 15 2020 | Tags: Herbal medicine, Regulation, Policy
Earlier blogs have examined the use of surveys as research tools to delineate prevalence estimates and to examine its associated demographic variables...

Herbal Medicine Revisited 3/4

Oct. 15 2020 | Tags: Herbal Medicine, Conclusion, Research
In this blog, user-centered care outcomes and other pertinent Consumer Satisfaction (CS)-based issues are assessed as potential undercurrent for chang...

Herbal Medicine Revisited 4/4

Oct. 15 2020 | Tags: Herbal Medicine, Conclusion, Research
Knowledge of consumer satisfaction (CS) and analyses of its contributory role in the creation of a vibrant contemporary HM use culture might trigger s...

The Final Goodbye 1/3

Dec. 27 2020 | Tags: Goodbye, Burgher, Final
His belated return to his homeland wasn’t supposed to end this way. No! Never! Certainly not with the invocation of the spirit of Ogidigidi, the...

The Final Goodbye 2/3

Dec. 27 2020 | Tags: Goodbye, Burgher, Final
Plans conceived in subterfuge seldom announce itself with fanfare. As the bulk of the titillating bawdiness of his uncle’s secret plans were jus...

The Final Goodbye 3/3

Dec. 27 2020 | Tags: Goodbye, Burgher, Final
A Burgher flush with cash is an impulse-buyer on the loose. And impulsivity of consumers is often associated with financial insolvency. A day before t...

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