Prof. Foster Frempong

Associate Professor

Dept: Hospitality and Tourism Studies
Department of Geography and Rural Development
Faculty of Social Sciences
New Faculty Building, Second Floor

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    1. Kabila A., Dumedah G. & Frempong F.  (2019). Understanding the Physical and Human Contexts of Fluvial Floods in Rural Ghana. International Journal of River Basin Management.

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    15. Obodai, J., Siaw, L. P., Frempong, F. & Boafo, J. (2014). Participatory forestry intervention: assessing the contribution of the expanded plantation program to community livelihood sustainability and poverty reduction. International Research Journal of Arts and Social Science 3(4) pp. 104-108.

    16. Frempong, F., Okyere, J. & Mohammed S. (2013). Oil and gas discovery and tourism development in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana. CASS Oil and Gas Conference proceedings. 1(1): 54 – 65.


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