Mrs. Lydia Boampong Owusu


Dept: Public Health Nursing
Reading room, 3rd floor, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences Building, KNUST

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Research Areas/Interests

Evidence-Based Nursing Newborn care Paediatrics Nutrition and Dietetics Maternal health Adolescent reproductive health  ...~more

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    WOMEN'S ADHERENCE TO IRON SUPPLEMENTATION DURING PREGNANCY IN KUMASI, GHANA. 2020. Owusu Lydia Boampong & Emikpe Abigael Omowumi. Published Online:8 Jan 2021.

    KNOWLEDGE, PERCEPTION AND PRACTICE OF PRECONCEPTION CARE AMONG HEALTH WORKERS IN SELECTED PRIMARY HEALTH CARE SETTINGS IN IBADAN, NIGERIA by Abigael Omowumi Emikpe & Lydia Boampong Owusu. Accepted and pending publication by African Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health

    SUSTAINING MIDWIFERY EDUCATION IN A PANDEMIC to be published by the WHO-ICM-UNFPA policy framework and was presented and LAUNCHED at the ICM Congress at a Panel presentation on 9th June, 2021.

    ASSOCIATION BETWEEN IRON SUPPLEMENTATION AND ANAEMIA IN PREGNANCY AMONG WOMEN IN GHANA. Accepted for publication on 15th July 2021 in Emerald Nutrition and Food Science Journal. Manuscript ID NFS-03-2021-0105.R1.

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