Prof. Victor Selorme Gedzi

Associate Professor

Dept: Religious Studies
Department of Religious Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
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Research Areas/Interests

My research interest is Religion/culture and Development. The areas of research focus on how religious resources from the intellectual traditions of v...~more

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Situating the Religious Market Theory in the Ghanaian Religious Context: Merits and Demerits.

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Religious Market Theory, pentecostals, charismatics, secularization, Ghanaian religious context

Death Rituals and Livelihood Strategy Amongst the Asante in Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Livelihood, death, rituals, Asante

Christian Faith and Economic Development: A Case Study of Some Christian Workers in Ghana’s Public Sector in Kumasi

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Christian faith, economy, development, economic development, public sector

Congregational Conflicts and Societal Impacts: A Case of Evangelical Presbyterian Congregation in Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Religious identity, pentecostalism denomination, congregational conflict

Emotions, Transcendence, Differentiated Voices and Resistances At Cape Coast Castle: A Poetic Analysis.

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Emotions, transcendence, differentiated voices, heritage tourism, poetic analysis, Cape Coast Castle

Contesting Religious Authority in Ghana: Perspectives On the Literary Works of Aminu Bamba.

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Islamic reform, literary production, 'Ulama', Fayda Tijaniyya, Salafi, theology, jurisprudence

The Role of Culture and Law in Sustaining Trokosi Institution in Southern Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Trokosi, religion, culture, law, power

Pentecostalism, the Media, and the State: Politicization of Indigenous Customary Systems in Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Pentecostalism, media, state, politics, indigenous customary systems

Akan Healthcare Delivery System and Its Effect On Modern Healthcare Practice

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Akan religion, culture, healthcare, knowledge system, role

Church and Poverty Alleviation Through Health Care Delivery in the Kumasi Metropolis

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Church, poverty alleviation, healthcare delivery, development

Homosexuality in Ghana: Perspectives of Science, Social Learning Theory and Religion

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Homosexuality, perspectives, religion, science, learned behavior

Jonah: Crossing Religious Boundaries Towards Peaceful Co-Existence and Development

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: The book of Jonah, religion, bridging religious differences, peaceful co-existence, development

Ngos, Spirituality and Community Development in Northern Ghana: Challenges and Sustainability

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: NGOs, spirituality, sustainability, community development

Environmental Review and Case Studies: Religious Resources and Environmental Management in Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Environment, African Traditional Religion, religious resources, environmental crisis, environmental management

Environmental Degradation: A Challenge To Traditional Leadership At Akyem Abuakwa in the Eastern Region of Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Environment, degradation, conservation, eco-justice, sustainability, green-belt

Salafis and the Politics of Nationalism Among Migrant Muslims in Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Salafis, politics, nationalism, migrant Muslims

Context and Erection of Legal System in Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Context, erection, legal system, socio-economic, trade motive, restructuring

Pndc Law 111 in Ghana and International Human Rights Laws

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: PNDC Law 111, Intestate, women’s property inheritance, International human rights

Cultural Norms and Disputes On Women’s Property Relation in Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Dispute, Dispute resolution, Chiefs’ courts, Cultural norms, Property, Property inheritance.'s_Property_Relation_in_Ghana...

The Limits of Legal Intervention in Customary Practices: Understanding the Unpopularity of Ghana’s Pndc Law 111 On Intestate Succession Among the Anlo and Asante

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Customary Law, Women’s Rights, Legal Pluralism, Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty, Africa, Widows, Inheritance's_P...

The Asante of Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Etymology, Asante, Asanteness, Akan, Twi language, Jural corporateness

Women’s Property Relations After Intestate Succession Pndc Law 111 in Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Inheritance, Property relation, Principles, Practices, PNDC Law.'s_Property_Relations_after_Intestate_Succession_PNDC_Law_111_in_Ghana...

Property Relations and Women’s Access To Courts Among the Anlo and the Asante in Ghana

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Property, Inheritance, Perception, Court's_Access_to_Courts_among_the_Anlo_and_the_Asante_in_Ghana...

Societal Perception of Illness and Relationship With Ill Persons

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Perception, relationship, illness, retribution

Gospel Values and African Traditional Religion

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Gospel values, African Traditional Religion, 'Zakadza', worshipping life, ritual utterances, ritual acts

The Causal Correlation of Sin and Suffering

Jul. 15 2021 | Tags: Correlation, perception, relationship, illness, sin, suffering, retribution

What Is the Meaning of Christianity in the Africa of Today?

Jul. 16 2021 | Tags: Christianity, meaning of Christianity, dynamic solidarity, incarnation, integral development
What is the Meaning of Christianity in the Africa of Today?...

Indigenous Institutional Practices and International Human Rights Protocols

Jul. 16 2021 | Tags: Indigenous, institutional practices, human rights, international human rights protocols

Principles and Practices of Dispute Resolution in Ghana: Ewe and Akan Procedures On Females’ Inheritance and Property Rights.

Jul. 19 2021 | Tags: Dispute, dispute resolution, chiefs' courts, formal courts, inheritance, property, law, human rights

Village Life

Jul. 19 2021 | Tags: Atikpui, dry weather, rainny season, crops

'the Role of Religion in Solid Waste Management in Congested Inner-Cities: A Study of Aboabo'

Aug. 21 2023 | Tags: Religion, solid waste, waste management, Aboabo, Ghana

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