Dr. Kofi Agyekum

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests

Circular Economy in Construction, Building Survey and pathology, building materials and their properties and Lean Construction....~more

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Professionals’ Views of Vernacular Building Materials and Techniques For Green Building Delivery in Ghana

Jul. 28 2020 | Tags: Building, Ghana Green Building, Materials, Techniques, Vernacular
Vernacular architecture is associated with numerous advantages. However, its adoption in the development of sustainable buildings is not appreciated. ...

Factors Limiting the Adoption of Hemp As An Alternative Sustainable Material For Green Building Delivery in Ghana

Mar. 22 2021 | Tags: Climate change; Alternative building materials; Sustainable building material; Hemp; Hemp-based materials; Ghana
Do you know that beside medicinal purposes hemp has over 25,000 uses in various industries? Follow this article which examines the factors that limit ...

An Innovative Eco-Friendly Block Walling Material To Control Rising Damp in New Buildings: A Potential Contribution To Achieving the Sdgs

Oct. 05 2021 | Tags: Eco-friendly block, walling material, rising damp, new buildings
One of the most frequent sources of moisture and the most difficult to treat is the rising humidity from undrained soils, commonly referred to as risi...

The Health Impacts of Damp Housing Conditions: Lessons For Inhabitants Living in Damp Tropical Buildings

Oct. 05 2021 | Tags: Damp, health, Ghana, Tropical buildings
Dampness in buildings is a common problem in Ghana. A nationwide survey has estimated that one out of every ten residential buildings suffers from one...

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