Dr. Ernest Kissi

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Construction Technology and Management
Room 01
3rd Floor,Studio Block
Faculty of Built Environment

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Construction Economics   Procurement Management   Project Management   Value Management   Technical Education ...~more

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Critical Components of Environmentally Sustainable Buildings Design Practices of Office Buildings in Ghana

Aug. 28 2019 | Tags: Critical Components Environmentally sustainable building design practices (ESBDP) Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) Structural equation model (SEM)
Sustainable building design practices has in recent times become a topical issue among researchers and practitioners. However, in tropical built envir...

Factors Influencing Tender Pricing Strategies of Construction Smes in Ghana

Aug. 28 2019 | Tags: Pricing strategies; smallmedium enterprises (SMEs); partial least square structural equation modelling; Ghana
Pricing strategy is a critical aspect of how a firm generates its revenue or profit and as such, it remains an issue of prime importance to the constr...

Ascertaining the Interaction Effects Among Organisational Citizenship Behaviour, Work Overload and Employees’ Performance in the Ghanaian Construction Industry

Aug. 28 2019 | Tags: Construction industry, Organizational citizenship behaviour, Ghanaian, Work overload, Employees’ performance
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to ascertain the interaction effects among organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), work overload (WO) ...

Impact of Project Monitoring and Evaluation Practices On Construction Project Success Criteria in Ghana

Aug. 28 2019 | Tags: Evaluation, Ghana, Success, Projects, Construction, Criteria, Condition monitoring
Purpose – Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of projects is a very important aspect of project execution and management. This is because proper...

Factors Affecting the Capacity of Small To Medium Enterprises (Sme) Building Construction Firms in Ghana

Nov. 08 2019 | Tags: Capacity, Developing countries, Ghana, SME building contractors
There is a raft of factors that affect the capacity of local construction firms in Ghana, particularly those in the smaller contractor classifications...

Review of Empirical Arguments On Contractor Pre-Qualification Criteria

Nov. 08 2019 | Tags: Project and construction management, Contractor selection, Contractor pre-qualification
Purpose The studies on contractor prequalification focus more on the review of models and algorithms rather than review of the criteria for contractor...

Identifying the Latent Shortcomings in Achieving Value For Money Within the Ghanaian Construction Industry

May. 02 2020 | Tags: Assessment, Value for money, Shortcomings, Latent
Purpose–The non-achievement of projects of best value remains a perennial problem within the construction industry. This paper aims to identify ...

Macro-Maturity Factors and Their Influence On Micro-Level Bim Implementation Within Design Firms in Italy

Jun. 03 2020 | Tags: BIM; design; Italy; maturity; capability
Based on conceptual models of macro-BIM adoption, several factors have been proposed as indicators of BIM maturity at the national level. Such macro-l...

Identification of Factors Influencing the Pricing of Sustainable Construction Materials in Developing Countries: Views of Ghanaian Quantity Surveyors

Jun. 03 2020 | Tags: Construction material, factors, influencing, pricing, sustainable
The marketing of sustainable construction materials have gained much popularity worldwide in recent times due to its environmental protection, social ...

Professionals’ Views of Vernacular Building Materials and Techniques For Green Building Delivery in Ghana

Jun. 03 2020 | Tags: Building Ghana green building Materials Techniques Vernacular
Vernacular architecture is associated with numerous advantages. However, its adoption in the development of sustainable buildings is not appreciated. ...

Factors Driving the Career Progression of Construction Project Managers

Jun. 03 2020 | Tags: Ghana, Construction industry, Career progression, Career path, Career advancement, Construction project managers
Purpose – This paper aims to examine the factors that drive the career progression of construction project managers (CPM) in the Ghanaian constr...

Underlying Strategies For Improving Entrepreneurial Skills Development of Technical and Vocational Students in Developing Countries: Using Ghana As A Case Study

Jul. 19 2020 | Tags: Entrepreneurial skills, Ghana, Technical and vocational training and education, TVET, Strategies
Purpose – In Ghana, graduates often have limited entrepreneurial skills and rarely undertake entrepreneur initiatives as they are persistently i...

Exploring the Influence of Religious Elements On Performance Factors in Developing Countries: A Case of the Ghanaian Construction Industry

Sep. 01 2020 | Tags: Performance factors, Religious elements, Construction industry, Influence
Purpose – Religiousness is evident in every aspect of life, and its impact on construction project performance is undeniable. However, little...

Barriers To Green Cities Development in Developing Countries: Evidence From Ghana

Oct. 08 2020 | Tags: Ghana, Green cities, Barriers, Sustainable cities, Sustainable development, Urbanisation
Purpose Of late, cities across the globe are taking pragmatic steps towards addressing environmental, social and economic problems in the debate on ...

Linking Supply Chain Disruptions With Organisational Performance of Construction Firms: the Moderating Role of Innovation

May. 05 2021 | Tags: Disruption, Innovation, Organisation, Moderating, Performance, Supply chains
Purpose Supply chain (SC) disruption, whether demand sided or supply sided, is conversely perceived to affect organisational performance of construc...

Building Information Modelling (Bim) Readiness of Construction Professionals: the Context of the Seychelles Construction Industry

May. 05 2021 | Tags: Built environment research, Construction management, Association analysis, Building information modelling, BIM, competence, developing countries, Seychelles
Purpose Although building information modelling (BIM) adoption in developed countries has largely been incentivised by government, in developing cou...

Assessing the Influence of Emotional Intelligence (Ei) On Project Performance in Developing Countries: the Case of Ghana

Aug. 11 2021 | Tags: Construction industry; emotional intelligence (EI); influence; project managers; project performance
Emotional Intelligence (EI) in conjunction with other assessment tools could be used by construction organizations to significantly improve the perfor...

Criteria For Assessing Self-Help Housing Projects Affordability: A Critical Literature Review

Aug. 11 2022 | Tags: Self-help housing; housing affordability criteria; urban households; developing countries
Extant studies on Self-Help Housing (SHH) have centered on the types, processes, value, and challenges, but rare on the criteria for assessing...

Critical Success Factors (Csfs) For the Adoption of Green Construction Concepts in Road Construction in Ghana

Oct. 18 2022 | Tags: Concepts; critical success factors; Ghana; green construction; road construction
The move towards green construction concepts’ implementation in road construction provides an oppor- tunity to reduce the carbon footpri...

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