Dr. Ernest Kissi


Dept: Construction Technology and Management
Room 01
3rd Floor,Studio Block
Faculty of Built Environment

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Macro-Maturity Factors and Their Influence On Micro-Level Bim Implementation Within Design Firms in Italy

Based on conceptual models of macro-BIM adoption, several factors have been proposed as indicators of BIM maturity at the national level. Such macro-level BIM maturity indicators drive policy and the institutional imperatives for smooth adoption of BIM at the micro-level (within organisations). The Italian BIM landscape is slowly progressing with several initiatives towards meeting European Union (EU) directives. It, however, remains unclear which macro-level implementation factors are most relevant to organisations in their BIM implementation. Furthermore, there is a dearth of studies exploring the relevance of proposed macro-level BIM implementation factors to BIM implementation at the micro-level. In addressing this gap, this study uses the Italian scenario to explore the role of macro-BIM maturity factors on facilitating micro-level implementation effectiveness in design firms. To achieve this aim, an exploratory study of the literature was conducted to identify macro-level factors required at the national level for BIM implementation and ascertain which of those factors are most important to design firms through a questionnaire survey of professionals within design firms, which yielded 162 responses. The research found that steps are being undertaken to improve Italy’s macro-BIM maturity with professionals having an overall good degree of awareness and positive attitude towards BIM. Based on statistical analysis, the most important macro-level initiatives to design firms is the need for embedding BIM into education curriculum as well as availability of standard deliverables and components such as BIM objects, libraries and standards that regulate their development and use

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