Ms. Felicia Amankwah

Senior Assistant Registrar

Dept: Quality Assurance and Planning Unit Office:
Human Resources Development - Staff Development Section

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TrainIQAfrica – DAAD & University of Essen Germany – QA Project Ph.D. in Business Administration - Current ...~more

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With my extensive studies, I have achieved various skills.

This  includes,

  • managing people and working with others;
  • communicating and presenting to different types of audience both oral and written;
  • self development;
  • applying creativity, analysing, applying and manipulating numeric and other data; as well as,
  • meeting tight deadlines and using technology.

Having worked in the Tourism, Further Education and Higher Education Sectors for more than twenty years has enabled me to transfer my theoretical experiences gained into practical which has been demonstrated in the following roles;

Senior Assistant Registrar - KNUST

At QAPU, my duties included ;

  • Deputising for  the Head of Department of the Quality Assurance and Planning Unit in their absence.
  • Smooth day-to-day running and managing activities of the QAPU Unit, strategic planning and management, managing and leading capacity building events for KNUST staff on quality assurance in events such as, the Summer School, Quality Assurance Retreats and Mentorship workshops .
  • Supervising data management including, responding to institutional surveys, provision of statistical returns to stakeholders including, National Accreditation Board (NAB), National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), British Council, as well as, other institutions in Ghana, students, staff and many more.
  • Other responsibilities include committee servicing, budget management and staff appraisals.

At Human Resources Development Division, my responsibilities include;

  • Staff Training & Development
  • Overseeing staff Research and Conference administration
  • Staff Scholarships
  • Staff Appraisals

The Senior Assistant Registrar at KNUST has equipped me to further improve on my interpersonal negotiating and resource management skills, as I had been able to transfer and shared knowledge with my peers at work, and continue to do so.  

HESA Data Information and Quality Assurance Officer

As a HESA Data Information and Quality Assurance Officer,

  • I was responsible for completing and submitting statistcal returns including Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) returns and Teacher Training Development returns.
  • Coordinated Webmail software system between staff and the Planning Office.

The HESA Data Information and Quality Assurance Officer’s position tremendously increased my knowledge on student funding methodology and my relationships with staff at the University, as

  • I was responsible for extracting, analysing and presenting information on student and staff body. 
  • I contributed to completion and submission of returns to external agencies such as HESA, HEFCE as well as TDA.
  • providing statistical information on the student body for internal and external clients, and advised on implications of this information. 
  • Contributed to the developments of accurate and timely planning systems, as well as, co-ordinate Livelink software between IT staff and the Planning Office.

Departmental Manager - CONEL

During my position as a Departmental Manager,

  • I was also responsible for administrative staff and trainees, I assisted the Head of Department in the smooth running of the Departments activities. 
  • I was constantly liaising with Head of Schools, Lecturer, Students, and external customers at the College.
  • Other duties included co-ordinating workflows, appraising and mentoring staff, monitoring, maintaining and reporting the department’s budgets, planning and managing departmental events such as Construction Week and Adult Learner’s Week, as well as, analysing the financial data.

With my excellent management and organisational skills enabled me to set up certain departmental procedures such as,

  • processing staff absence, reporting changes to departmental Course files and other information to the various departments including, Marketing, Guidance and Quality Information Service within the College.
  • I also had the opportunities in supporting the Head of Department in organising placements for work-based learners to work with local employers. 
  • I also co-ordinated and organised placement reports, as well as, supervision arrangements between the learners, staff and the employers, which included organising students progress reports between the institution and the learners’ employers, ensuring the placement system collaborated with the Institution’s systems.

Central Timetabler - CONEL

My job as a Central Timetable Co-ordinator made me ‘backbone’ of the computerised timetables and room booking systems in the College. As a major achievements from this position, I was able to

  • set up all the initial procedures and implement them, as I had to transfer all the College’s paper-based timetables and room booking procedures to a centralised system by the use of College policy.
  • integrate other systems such as CPIS (Staff Database), EBS and SRIS Student Record Information Systems (Students and Course Databases), as well as, Estates Room Database with Course Planner, using my IT skills to produce the College’s central timetables.
  • use the FEFC – Further Education Funding Council, currently known as LSC – Learning Skills Council funding methodology to make certain strategic decisions.
  •  train and develop the skills and knowledge of non-technical IT users such as Head of Schools, Head of Departments and other departmental managers and course planner users to ensure effective use of the Syllabus Plus Timetable System, as I was a sole point of contact for the system in the entire College.
  • be responsible for planning, allocating and managing accommodation as well as timetables, for events including courses schedules, enrolments, open days and inductions within the college.
  • be responsible for dealing with external clients, in terms of, effectively matching their room booking requirements.

The experience from this position had enabled me to improve and test my influential and persuasive skills as I was constantly dealing with students, staff and external clients at all levels, in terms of resolving disputes and complex situations, and under enormous pressure to meet tight deadlines.

Resources Analyst with British Gas Home Energy

My position as a Resources Analyst with British Gas Home Energy enabled me to be a part of several projects, including

  • implementing of policies like Control Procedures, ISO 9000 and ISO 9002 Quality Systems.
  • Control Procedures, I was involved in monitoring, analysing and reporting statistical data to the Company’ s Head Quarters periodically, as well as undertook internal audits on operational procedures in accordance with the project. 
  •  carried out work-study not only to ensure task meet deadlines, but also to verify that its accuracy and quality correspond to the ISO Quality Systems.
  •  my responsibility to create awareness to staff and ensure the good practice of operational procedures. 
  • Using my effective communication and technology skills, I became successful by presenting the information across by the use of various media, including oral presentation at team meetings and staff forums, staff magazines, billboards, computer log-on screens and overhead projectors.

Travel Consultant -Thomas Cook and NAH Travel 

Working with enabled me to enhance my customer service skills, as

  • I was constantly dealing with customer enquiries by face-to-face, written and using telephones.  
  • I worked without supervision and with flexibility, it enabled me to manage change in order to meet strict deadlines, as well as, increased my team building skills and that enabled me to become an excellent team player.

 Special IT Skills

My previous experiences for both work and studies has improved my literacy on various computer and competency include using the Microsoft Office packages, Word Processing - Microsoft Office for Windows 2000 with systems including, Word Processing - Ami Pro 3.1, WordStar 5.0, Word Perfect 5.1; Spreadsheets – Lotus 123 and Lotus Approach, Microsoft Excel 5.0, Graphics- Harvard Graphic, PowerPoint 4.0 and Lotus Freelance, Databases – DBNet 3+, SRIS (Student Record System), SITS, Livelink, Course Planner 3.3 (Timetable System) and Microsoft Access.   I can also use Visual Basic Programming, Microsoft Outlook Express for e-mails and Frontline Express for Web Design.

 Teaching Basic Skills

Completed the City and Guilds Certificate in Teaching Basics skills gave me

  • the opportunity to further increase my confidence in people management as I developed my interpersonal skills. I have taught Additional Learning Support – Literacy in IT.
  •  mentored new business entrepreneurs in the Black and Minority Groups in the Restaurant and Leisure Sector, as well as, students in my own time. I have been involved in assisting in setting up new businesses including nightclubs and restaurant in London, and would continue to make differences in the life of learners and new business entrepreneurs in the community. 
  • I have been able to assist them to achieve their full potential by teaching them, guiding and mentoring them using my skills from the Business and the MBA courses, as well as, my interpersonal skills from my practical work. 

In my spare time, I enjoy socialising with family and friends, travelling and touring, I have visited countries such as, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and the USA; as well as, some parts of Ghana, including, Upper East and Upper West, Eastern, Ashanti, Central, Brong Ahafo and Volta; I also  eating out, as well as, surfing the Internet.  

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