Dr. Thaddeus Nkum Manu

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests


    Book Chapter

    • “Access to Essential Medicines: The Doha Declaration Safeguards on Public Health and the Regional Pharmaceutical Compounding Programme in Africa.” In STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS, eds. Burcu Kilic and Marc Mimler (Vol. 1, published by Queen Mary University of London, 2011).

    Book Review 

    • Hiroko Yamane, Interpreting TRIPS: Globalisation of Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Medicines (Hart, 2011) (2012) 2 Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property [Edward Elgar].

    Journal Articles

    • The Complexity of Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights in the Absence of Antitrust Legislation and a Related Enforcement Institution: A Classic Policy Failure in Ghana (2013) 6 Global Antitrust Review [Interdisciplinary Centre for Competition Law and Policy, Queen Mary University of London]. 
    • Essential Medicines and the Complexity of Implementing Nationally Based Compulsory Licensing: On the Need for a Regional System of Compulsory Licensing in Sub-Sahara African (2014) 36 European Intellectual Property Review [Sweet & Maxwell].
    • Locally Working Patents and the Grant of Compulsory Licences: The Need for Stronger Statutory Provisions in Africa (2014) 3 Global Journal of Comparative Law [Brill].
    • Exploring Regional Pharmaceutical Innovation Centres as a Possible Solution to the Market Failure on the Innovation of Essential Medicines for Tropical Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa (2014) 6 African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development [Taylor & Francis].
    • Impact-Assessment of Intellectual Property Standards in US-EU Bilateral Trade Agreements on Compulsory Licensing in West African States (2015) 23 African Journal of International and Comparative Law [Edinburgh University Press].
    • Self-Defeating Reasons for Signing the African Growth and Opportunity Act: Analysing the Pressure on African Countries to Enact UPOV Convention - Plant Breeders’ Rights as Opposed to Effective Sui Generis Regimes under TRIPS (2015) 44 Common Law World Review [Sage Publishers].
    • Examining the Legality of Affordability Requirements as a Substantive condition for Granting Compulsory Licences pursuant to the TRIPS Agreement (2015) 18 The Journal of World Intellectual Property [Wiley].
    • Deploying Pre-Grant Patent Opposition Mechanisms in Africa to Monitor Abuse of the Patent System (2015) 41 Commonwealth Law Bulletin [Taylor & Francis].
    • Building National Initiatives of Compulsory Licences: Reflecting on the Indian Jurisprudence as a Model for Least Developing Countries (2015) 14 Journal of International Trade Law and Policy [Emerald Insight Publishing].
    • Is Social Media Challenging the Authority of the Judiciary? Rethinking the Effectiveness of Anonymised and Super Injunctions in the Age of the Internet (2016) 18 Journal of Legal Studies 32 [De Gruyter]. Co-author Felipe Romero Moreno. 
    • Multifunctionality of Agriculture Products: Towards a Collaborative Policy Guidelines on Sustainable Agro-Related Fuel Development (2017) 8 Journal of Biofuel –Special Edition [Taylor and Francis].
    • Interpretation of TRIPS Provisions in a Matter Consistent with Human Rights Instruments: A Policy Option for the Exploration of South-South Judicial Cooperation (2017) 17 Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal [Taylor and Francis].
    • The Complexity of Using the Patent Standards under TRIPS for the Promotion of Domestic Industrial Development in Developing Countries in the Absence of Local Working Requirements: Rethinking the Role of the World Intellectual Property Organisation in Intellectual Property Standard-Setting (2017) 51 Journal of World Trade [Kluwer Law].
    • Interpreting the Doctrine of Reasonable Legitimate Expectations in WTO Jurisprudence in its Application to Compulsory Licences (2017) 8 Trade, Law and Development 1.- Special Edition [National Law University, Jodhpur, India].
    • Ghana Trips Over the TRIPS Agreement on Plant Breeders’ Rights (2017) 9 African Journal of Legal Studies 1 [Brill].
    • Challenging the Validity of Patents: Stepping in Line with EPO and US Jurisprudence (2017) 48 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 7. [Max Planck – Springer].
    • Examining the Legality of Abuse by Failure to Manufacture Patents Locally as a Substantive Condition for Granting Compulsory Licences Pursuant to the TRIPS Agreement (2021) 11 International Journal of Intellectual Property Management 2, [InderScience].


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