Prof. Divine Kwaku Ahadzie


Dept: Centre for Settlement Studies
Centre for Settlements Studies
Faculty of Built Environment
College of Art and Built Environment
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi

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Research Areas/Interests

Housing Construction and Management Project Management Flood Risk Management Construction Skills Development Property Research...~more

My full CV


    Publications for the last three years,2023-2020. Visit google scholar for full list of publications:


    • Johnson, T.G., Leandro, J. and Ahadzie, D.K.,(2023). Quantifying hazards resilience by modeling infrastructure recovery as a resource constrained project scheduling problem. EGUsphere2023, pp.1-27.
    • Leandro, J., Hotta, C.I., Pinto, T.A. and Ahadzie, D.K.(2022). Expected annual probability of infection: A flood-risk approach to waterborne infectious diseases. Water Research219, p.118561.
    • Opoku, R., Mensah, H., & Ahadzie, D. K. (2022) ‘Guest editorial: Global energy transformation for combating climate change in the built environment: challenges and opportunities in developing countries’. International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation. 40 No. 2, pp. 161-164.
    • Takyi, S. A., Amponsah, O., Duamor, S. N., Azunre, G. A., & Ahadzie, D. K. (2022) ‘An assessment of regulatory compliance and residents’ perceptions of the siting of telecommunication masts: Insights from a rapidly urbanising Ghanaian city’. African Geographical Review, 41;4 , pp. 411-432.
    • Owoha, F., Simpeh, E. K., Fapohunda, J. A., Ahadzie, D. K., & Mensah, H. (2022) ‘Categorising green building features in developing countries: The case of South Africa’. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 20;6, pp 1627-1647.
    • Nketia, S. K. K., Takyi, S. A., Amponsah, O., Yeboah, A. S., Mensah, H., & Ahadzie, D. K. (2022) “Going Green” rhetoric or reality: an assessment of the prospects and challenges of Ghana’s youth in afforestation programme’. Society & Natural Resources35;1, pp. 20-37.
    • Danso, F. O., Adinyira, E., Manu, P., Agyekum, K., Ahadzie, D. K., & Badu, E. (2022) ‘The mediating influence of local cultures on the relationship between factors of safety risk perception and risk-taking behavioural intention of construction site workers’. Safety science145, pp. 105490.
    • Opoku, R., Adjei, E.A., Ahadzie, D.K. and Agyarko, K.A., 2020. Energy efficiency, solar energy and cost saving opportunities in public tertiary institutions in developing countries: The case of KNUST, Ghana. Alexandria Engineering Journal59(1), pp.417-428.
    • Fiagbe, Y. A., & Ahadzie, D. K. (2022) ‘Slip conditions of floor surface finish in selected public places in Kumasi, Ghana’. Cogent Engineering, 9;1, pp. 2026205.
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    • Mensah, H., Amponsah, O., Opoku, P., Ahadzie, D. K., & Takyi, S. A. (2021) ‘Resilience to climate change in Ghanaian cities and its implications for urban policy and planning’. SN Social Sciences, 1;5, pp.118.
    • Laminu, M. D., Ahadzie, D. K., & Okrah, M. (2021). ‘Domestic End-users’ Participation in Managing Urban Water Supply in Emerging Cities: Evidence from Wa, Ghana’. Ghana Journal of Development Studies, 18;1, pp. 1-24.
    • Ahadzie, D. K., Debrah, Y., & Ofori, G. (2021) ‘Formality and Informality in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Ghanaian Construction Industry’. In Work and Labor Relations in the Construction Industry: An International Perspective. Routledge.
    • Ahadzie, D. K., Mensah, H., & Simpeh, E. (2021) ‘Impact of floods, recovery, and repairs of residential structures in Ghana: insights from homeowners’. GeoJournal, pp. 1-16.
    • Ahadzie, D. K., Opoku, R., Ware, S. N. O., & Mensah, H. (2020) ‘Analysis of occupant behaviour in the use of air-conditioners in public buildings in developing countries: evidence from Ghana’. International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation39; 2, pp. 259-282.
    • Ahadzie, D., Dinye, I. N., & King, R. S. (2020). ‘Weathering the storm: Reflections on a community-based approach to flood-risk management in Kumasi, Ghana’. In (Marrengane, N., & Croese, S.) (2021). Reframing the urban challenge in Africa: Reframing the Urban Challenge in Africa. Routledge.
    • Kissi, E., Ahadzie, D. K., Debrah, C., & Adjei-Kumi, T. (2020) ‘Underlying strategies for improving entrepreneurial skills development of technical and vocational students in developing countries: using Ghana as a case study’. Education+ Training62;5, pp. 599-614.
    • Mensah, H., & Ahadzie, D. K. (2020) ‘Causes, impacts and coping strategies of floods in Ghana: A systematic review’. SN Applied Sciences2, pp.1-13.
    • Opoku, R., Adjei, E. A., Ahadzie, D. K., & Agyarko, K. A. (2020) ‘Energy efficiency, solar energy and cost saving opportunities in public tertiary institutions in developing countries: The case of KNUST, Ghana’. Alexandria Engineering Journal59;1, pp. 417-428.
    • Quarshie, R., Ahadzie, D., & Mensah, H. (2020) ‘Critical Competency-Based Skills Requirements For Tvet In Ghanaian Construction Industry Empirical Perspectives From Craftsmen/Artisans. International Journal of Construction Project Management, 12;1, pp. 61-80.
    • Danladi, R. A., & Ahadzie, D. K. (2019) ‘Competencies required of project managers at the conceptual phase of mass housing building projects in Ghana’. International Journal of Construction Project Management, 11;2, pp. 77-102.
    • Kissi, E., Amoah, P., Ahadzie, D. K., & Debrah, C. (2019) ‘Critical risk factors in pricing of construction resources of SME construction firms in Ghana’. 43RD AUBEA, pp. 341.

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