Dr. Alhassan Osman

Research Fellow

Dept: KNUST Dairy/Beef Cattle Research Station
Dairy/Beef Cattle Research Station, Boadi

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Research Areas/Interests

Ruminant nutrition and management Pasture establishment and management Forage evaluation and conservation Use of agro-industrial by-products in rum...~more

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Dr. Alhassan Osman is a dedicated research fellow at the Dairy/Beef Cattle Research Station within the Department of Animal Science at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). His academic journey at the tertiary level began with a B. Ed. in Agriculture from the University of Education, Winneba in 2005. After working with the Ghana Education Service for a few years, he pursued his passion for animal nutrition, completing an MSc in Animal Nutrition at KNUST in 2012. Driven by a quest for deeper knowledge, career advancement and the desire to make a meaningful impact on society through teaching and research, he furthered his studies at KNUST, earning a PhD in Animal Nutrition. 

Throughout his tenure at KNUST, Dr. Osman has made significant contributions to research and education. He has taken on various roles, including serving as the unit head for the rabbit section and currently as the unit head for ruminants and paddocks at the Dairy/Beef Cattle Research Station. At the Department of Animal Science, he is the unit head for Small Ruminants and also serves as the Deputy Exams Officer. His teaching responsibilities extend to both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, where he imparts knowledge in courses such as animal anatomy and physiology, forage production, and ruminant production, meat production, growth and development of meat animals and mechanisms of animal growth and development.

Dr. Osman's expertise lies in ruminant nutrition and management, pasture establishment and utilization, forage conservation, as well as rabbit nutrition and management. His research interests also include the use of agro-industrial by-products in ruminant nutrition, alternatives to antibiotics in ruminant nutrition, and rabbit nutrition and management.

Dr. Osman's academic journey, which began with a background in teaching, has evolved into a rich tapestry of experience spanning over a decade in pre-tertiary education and more than seven years in tertiary teaching and research.  He is an active member of several professional associations, including the Ghana Science Association, Ghana Society for Animal Production, and Ghana Animal Science Association.  Dr. Osman's contributions to academia are evident in his 29 publications, which include 17 peer-reviewed articles in local and international journals, as well as 12 edited conference proceedings. His commitment to advancing the fields of animal science and nutrition is unwavering, making him a respected figure in his field.

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