Mr. Eric Kaning Koduah


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Eric is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (ICAG) and an alumnus of the KNUST School of Business. His professional career began in 2018 as a staff of the Finance Directorate of KNUST and the current Head of Final Accounts Section, Main Finance Office. He has focused on financial reporting and taxation due to his current work schedule, but his expertise in other areas of accounting, such as auditing and budgeting, cannot be overlooked.

Although a young qualified accountant with five years of post-chartered experience, he motivates and inspires young graduates who desire to pursue a profession in accounting. Beyond his qualifications and training, he is poised with numerical and quantitative skills; advanced analytical and problem-solving skills; and good communication skills. As a modern-day accountant, Eric has made measures to improve his IT abilities. His knowledge in Accounting Information Systems and Spreadsheets has propelled him to make a great impact at the University’s Finance Department.

In his quest to also serve the community beyond the borders of the University, he takes the responsibility for the preparation of the financial statements of his church.  

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