Dr. Vincent Anum Ankamah-Lomotey

Deputy Registrar

Dept: Provost's Office - College of Science
Registrar's Offices

Office Location: 3rd Floor, Room TF 32, College of Science

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Research Areas/Interests

Research Uptake and Utilisation Science Communication Higher Education Management and Curriculum Development...~more

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    1. Handbook Series: Institutionalising University Research Uptake: A Framework for Strategy (Ankamah-Lomotey et al, 2014, DRUSSA). Available online: http://www.drussa.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2574%3Ainstitutionalising-university-research-uptake-a-framework-for-strategy&catid=202%3Arum-in-action&Itemid=303&lang=en
    2. Handbook Series: Institutionalising University Research Uptake: A Framework for Strategy, 2nd Edition (Ankamah-Lomotey et al, 2015, DRUSSA) (At Press)
    3. A Local Response to Global Challenges (Ankamah-Lomotey, 2014) in The World Beyond 2015, Is Higher Education Ready, Association of Commonwealth Universities. ACU, London. Available online: https://beyond2015.acu.ac.uk/submissions/view?id=56
    4. Structured Training for African Researchers (STARS) Module 7: Beyond the University: Communicating and Presenting Research to Non-academic Audiences: skills and approaches (2016). Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK
    5. Towards a Socially Responsible University (2016). Paper submitted for the UNESCO World Higher Education Report under the Global Universities Network for Innovation (GUNi) (Available in print and online)
    6. Nutritional Potential of Moringa Oleifera and Sweet Potato Leaves (Poster presentation, 2016). Available online at: http://www.drussa.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2813%3A2016-drussa-benchmarking-conference&catid=202%3
    7. The classical works of the field of knowledge utilisation - A review. Ghana Journal of Higher Education 2019 (accepted for publication)

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