Dr. Vincent Anum Ankamah-Lomotey

Deputy Registrar

Dept: Provost's Office - College of Science
Registrar's Offices

Office Location: 3rd Floor, Room TF 32, College of Science

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Research Areas/Interests

Research Uptake and Utilisation Science Communication Higher Education Management and Curriculum Development...~more

My full CV


  1. Initiated the automation of the admission process in the university, 2001
  2. Facilitated the introduction of scannable forms for admissions and subsequently examinations, 2002
  3. Championing and facilitating the recruitment of international students leading to increases in numbers from below 100 to over 1300, 2002-2015
  4. Initiated the introduction of Pre-Engineering/Pre-Science courses for international students, 2005
  5. Initiated the charging of fees for using of the university landscape for shooting films, wedding pictures etc., 2007
  6. Facilitated the rehabilitation of the swimming pool and making it operational, 2007
  7. Facilitating the rehabilitation of the Workers Canteen and making it functional, 2007
  8. Facilitated the use of embossed taxis and buses on campus, 2008
  9. Determined a formular for calculating fees for trailed courses, 2009
  10. Introduction of electronic newsletter for the university, 2012
  11. Championed the Development Research Uptake for Sub-Saharan Africa, 2012-2016
  12. Contributed to the completion of award documents for the MasterCard Foundation (MCF) Scholars Programme, 2013
  13. Designing a Research Uptake Strategy poster for the university, 2014

Raising funds and facilitating the launching of three KNUST Alumni Associations in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Banjul, The Gambia, 2015

15. Peer Reviewer for ACU grant proposals, 2017, 2018

16. ACU representative at the IAU International Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2018

17. Peer Reviewer for Nigerian Inquiry in Humanities, 2019

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